Non-disclosure and Privacy policy

Committed to the safety and security of our customers, we have underlined Privacy Policy. It will provide you information about what data is collected by us, where and how we use it? As an organization of dedicated people striving to provide better IT services, it is our responsibility to safeguard and protect our customers from any breach in their privacy.

Any data gathered from you or your business will not be disclosed to any third party. However we are legally bound to reveal information, if law enforces it. Some of graphics, logos & trademarks used on this website may be copyrighted by third-party and have their own privacy policy, we recommend you to check respective policies.


The terms of privacy policy applies to our websites and all the other pages or websites of our company that may be connected with this one through links. It applies to all of our customers and visitors. Therefore, we encourage you to spare some moment to check out our Privacy Statement to avoid any future differences.

Furthermore, the use of this website indicates that you agreed with our privacy terms and we have your consent to our privacy practices.

Capebizsolutions do not sell your personal information. With this fact straighten out, let’s get further into our privacy statements, practices and beliefs.

1. Type of information we collect
  • When you place an order

    If anytime during our website visit, you become interested in our services and you are filling out the form, in that case, we collect information like email address, your name and address. In case of filling up order form or subscription form, data are voluntarily given by costumers.

  • Visiting our website

    When you are browsing our website, we collect your IP addresses, web server logs, and cookie data. In this case, no data (personal) are given by customers. Such information is used only for analyzing the performance of our site, to track page popularity and other relevant information for our performance analysis only. We never use IP addresses to know your identity, such data are used to collect information about performance of our website and help us to improve upon it.

  • 2. How do we use your personal information

    We don’t intend to collect information that could identify you personally, unless you voluntarily provide them (while placing an order of filling out forms). We collect personal identifiable information but with no intention of passing them on or using them to sell or rent.

    E-mail: When you are placing an order or have filled up any form including subscription or enquiry form, in that case we retain your e-mail address and its content.

    For example: We have one registration form which will ask you to fill up your accurate details like e-mail id, name etc. Once you complete your form and click ‘register’, we use that action as your consent for us in storing your personal details. The purpose behind storing your e-mail address is limited to providing you with information about our company, latest offers, deals or our newsletters. We will never use your information to pass it on to third party, alter, or destroy it.

    Cookies: Cookies are a way of storing information by a web server. But, it cannot store any information about your files or access any information from your computer. There are basically two types of

  • Session Cookies: These cookies remain active only during your single session of browsing and once your browser closes it gets deleted.
  • Persistent Cookies: These cookies remain on your computer for long time and keeps track of your web activities.
  • How do we use Cookies?

    They do not contain any personal information, even if they do then they are encrypted in a way that information cannot be extracted by any third party. Anyways, we use information stored in our cookies, only to keep track of your navigation, to enable us to tailor our offers to suit your needs better.

    3. Our Security Practice

    Security of our customers and visitors tops our priority list. We have implemented standard technology and practice security. We wish to safeguard and protect personally identifiable data of our customers from loss, destruction or misuse. We protect every data within the protection of latest firewall, with its access available to only authorize personnel of CapeBiz

    4. Changes in our Policy

    The policy you read so far is effective. Since the nature of our business is ever changing, we reserve right to change our privacy statements any time in future. So, we request you to check upon our privacy policies. However, we assure you even though our privacy policy might change but it will never make you less secure. It may change only to strengthen your security.

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    We don’t ask for any of your personal information to access or navigate our website. There may be occasional pop-up form of subscriptions, offers or to place an order, but you can choose to opt out.

    Even after you have provided us your information and you no longer wish to receive any mails then you may easily unsubscribe any time.

    If you still have any query regarding our privacy policy you can contact us at or

    Last updated on date 28 June 2018