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Terms and conditions is a legal binding between capebizsolutions and its consumers or visitors (defined as “you” in this document). Anytime you wish to register yourself or use our services, we will ask you, if you are agreeing to our terms. If you check it positive, you are agreeing to following terms and conditions. Therefore, we request you to go through it.

Please proceed with registration or ordering any services, only after agreeing to the following.

Note: In the following terms and condition, term “we” or “us” refers to www.capebizsolutions.com and “you” refers to the user of this website.

Purpose of our website

The sole purpose of having this website is to help visitors or consumers to find internet marketing services like:

Web design, CMS, App development, Graphic Design, Logo & Branding, SEO,Social Media, Advertisement, E-Commerce, Corporate Video


Our consumers (you) are protected by our Privacy Policies. We respect your privacy and take your information seriously. We assure you that your personal information will never be used for illegal actions, they will never be send to third party, misused, destroyed or altered. For more information on privacy, check Privacy Policies. (*If possible insert the link to privacy policy page of the website*)

Copyright and Trademarks

The content, graphics, videos, infographics, interface and everything related to site are protected under copyright and trademark rights for “www.capebizsolutions.com” .Therefore, copying, redistribution or public usage of our property will be strictly prohibited.

Third Party Involvement

There might be few links to various third party websites we are associated with. Visiting their websites and any involvement with them will be at your own risk. Once you click the link and redirected to other website, you are no longer bound by our regulations or protected by our privacy policies, but you are under their obligations. So before visiting third party websites, we advise you to go through their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. You also agree that any damages or loss caused by visiting and taking action on those websites will not be acknowledged as our responsibility.

Terms Amendments

We are providing services in the market that is ever changing, therefore we serve the right to revise and have amendments in our terms from time to time. This website will be updated accordingly, therefore, we recommend you to go through these terms time to time to avoid any differences.

Your Responsibilities

As a consumer or visitors, you are obliged to agree

  • You will refrain from any activity that might harm this website. Like penetrating website and implanting any kind of virus or be part of any other automated attacks like ‘Denial of services’.
  • You will not use this website to do something unlawful or illegal.
  • You will be bound by the term and condition statements of our company and we will safeguard you and your identity via our privacy statements.
  • These terms and condition applies to the user of www.capebizsolutions.com If you are using the website, you agree to be bound by these terms.

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